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Lelli Kelly Shoes

Posted by Simon Chapple on

Here at The Shoe Box of Knowle we've been leading the way in selling top of the range shoes for all ages, sizes, genders and tastes. In particular we are really proud to sell Lelli Kelly Shoes.

The brand of Lelli Kelly Shoes is well known for it's eye catching design which is colourful and certainly stands out from the crowd. These designs are perfect for girls where the range goes from Lelli Kelly Berry shoes canvas through to girls school shoes.

Every pair of Lelli Kelly Shoes comes with a leather insole and a design which is built to last so the only reason you will need to buy again is if they become outgrown!

For your convenience we have added a European to UK size converter which can be located at the top of our website. we have also built an excellent online portal whereby you can place your order through our website and you will be able pay for the shoes through our secured site.

If you are looking for an excellent shoe design which will stand out from the crowd for being unique and excellent build quality then look no further than Lelli Kelly Shoes.

If you would like to speak to one of our team about an order or an enquiry then you can call us on 01564 778855.

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