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Geox Boys Shoes

Posted by Simon Chapple on

Welcome to The Shoe Box of Knowle, home to the leading supplier of shoes for all occasions! We have a superb selection of shoes for all ages and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the quality of shoes that we supply.

We have an excellent range of Geox boys shoes and Geox as a brand ranks number one within Italy and 3rd in the world! They have a unique look and a fantastic durability which means they are built to last.

Our Geox boys shoes range consists of the following -

Geox Casual Shoes

  • J Ascari W

  • J LT Eclipse C

  • J Marlon F

  • J Tornado V

  • J Tuono Red Bull

Geox School Range

  • J Savage G

We are really proud of the high quality shoes we provide and that's why we have included the Geox boys shoes range into our selection.

Whether you are looking for casual or smart shoes then you will love the selection that we have.

You can place orders on our website 24hr a day 7 days a week and if you can't find a particular product you are looking for then do not hesitate to contact us on 01564 778855.

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