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Geox Shoes with Free Delivery

Posted by Simon Chapple on

Here at The Shoe Box Of Knowle, we have a superb offer available at the moment whereby you can purchase Geox shoes with free delivery. This offer won't last forever, so if you are interested in the Geox range then you could get yourself a bargain with not having the delivery costing on top.

Geox is the leading footwear brand in Italy and ranks 3rd throughout the world. It's a revolutionary range with the clear and distinctive benefit of having a rubber sole for maximum comfort and breathability.

Girls Geox Shoes

  • B Snake G.M

  • B.S Nicely G.C

  • J N. Jocker

  • J Noemi H

Geox Boys Casual Footwear

  • J Ascari W

  • J LT Eclipse C

  • J Marlon F

  • J Tornado V

  • J Tuono Red Bull

Geox Boys School Footwear

  • J Savage G

From our website you will be able see detailed images of all of our Geox range and remember, once you have picked the perfect shoes for your children then you will also be getting free delivery once you've placed the order.

If you have any further questions then you can contact us on 01564 778855.

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