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Skechers Children Shoes

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Skechers Children Shoes

Here at The Shoe Box of Knowle we are one of the leading suppliers when it comes to Skechers Children Shoes. We stock many styles in lots of different sizes and are certain you will find your perfect shoes. Skechers are one of the biggest brands in America and recently in the UK, their shoes are trendy and stylish whilst still being durable.


We The Shoe Box of Knowle are proud to say that we are a skechers stockist, as we can assure you that these shoes are top quality. Throughout the years experience we are positive you will be extremely happy with a pair of Skechers.

The Girls Skechers we stock are:

·        Bobs World

·        Brite Wing

·        Dashing Daisy

·        Spin Rider

·        Tikis Ruffle Ups

·        Twinkle Toes Shuffles – Triple Time


The Boys Skechers we stock are:

·        Ascoli

·        Extreme Flex

·        Nova Wave

·        Pinpoint

·        Vert 2


We're always updating our stock to make sure we have the newest styles. If you have any problems or need any assistance, do not hesitate contacting us on 01564 778855 or by Email –

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