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Here at The Shoe Box of Knowle we try our best to make sure that our website operates the best it possibly can, therefore we use cookies. Cookies help us to understand how you use our website e.g. what you click on, so we can make our website better for you to use. By doing this we know whether our website meets up to your expectations and needs. We use a few cookies to improve the functionality of our website. Therefore is you choose to disable cookies on your browser, you might find that you can't access some aspects of our website and some area's may not work.

 What Are Cookies

A cookie is a small file of numbers and letters that we put on your computer. Cookies allow us to remember information you have put into our website. For example if you sign up for an account, cookies will be placed onto your computer so the next time you come back to login, your details will have been remembered and you will not have to type them in again.

3rd Party Cookies

Also our website uses Third Party Cookies from other website which can be found below, if you need further information about what cookies they use and how they use them, you should contact those providers directly.

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You can choose to share content from our site with others via the social networks listed above.

Google Ads     

We use the online advertising services of the third party companies, they leave cookies so we know what ads have been clicked on.

How To Block Cookies


1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP) and then click 'Options'

2. Then select the 'Privacy' icon

3. Set the 'Use custom settings for history' in the 'Firefox will' dropdown

4. Untick 'Accept cookies from sites' to disable cookies

Google Chrome

1. Click on the tool icon at the top right of your browser window and select settings

2. Click the 'show advanced settings' link, find the 'privacy' sections, select the 'Content settings' button

3. Now select 'Block sites from setting any data

 Internet Explorer

1. Click on 'Tools' at the top of your browser window and select 'Internet options', then click on the 'Privacy' tab

2. Under 'Settings' move the slider to the top to block all cookies


1. Click on the 'Cog' icon at the top of your browser window and select the 'Preferences' option

2. Click on 'Privacy' and check the option 'Block third-parties and advertisers'